1. Keep it professional but light

Consider Twitter a professional cocktail party. The tone of Twitter content should be professional yet engaging, enthusiastic and passionate.

2. It’s not all about you

The fundamental principle that should be used when posting Twitter content is to consider what interests and engages your target audience, rather than focussing on the marketing needs of your organisation. Straight promotion of an organisation’s services achieves little attention or positive feedback.

3. Keep it focussed

Engage in discussions that reinforce your brand’s unique selling points. Seek out and post interesting and relevant developments or news in your area of expertise. This will help establish your organisation as a hub for news.

4. Engage the community

Twitter is all about discussion and engagement with other tweeps. Reply to other tweeps with commentary and opinion about their posts. Retweet interesting and relevant developments marketing news by other tweeps.

5. Use hashtags

A hashtag is a word or acronym prefixed by a hash sign. Tweeps use them to help categorise content on Twitter. For example, search Twitter for #seo and you will find posts relating to SEO. Follow hashtags to identify key influencers and popular topics in relation to your area of expertise. Use hashtags so others can find you. Tagdef is a great source to find out what a hashtag means.

6. Take part in tweetchats

A tweetchat is akin to an online discussion where tweeps gather at a specific time to discussed a prearranged topic. A hashtag is used to help tweeps follow and participate in the conversations. Tweetchats provide a great opportunity to find like-minded and interesting tweeps, as well as growing your influence by commenting on key topics relevant to your organisation. The Gnosis Arts Media Group has a great list of tweetchats on their Tweetchat Wiki.