I logged into Facebook recently to find the following ad next to my news feed:

Rent a movie now and watch it now on Facebook, you say?

I hadn’t seen any Australian companies yet using the Facebook Credits platform to receive payments for products or services, so I was eager to check it out.

As promised, Universal Studios Australia is renting ‘Scarface’ (1983) for 30 Facebook credits, which amounts to about AU$6. That’s actually quite a lot for a weekly DVD rental – and you only get it for 48 hours!

Check out the custom page below that encourages you to watch the movie:

Interestingly, watching the movie includes a comment feed, which the terms and conditions stipulate don’t represent Universal’s views. Sharing your rental with friends allowed them to access a 10 credit (~AU$2) discount on the rental cost – a great idea to encourage users to share their activity with friends linked to a tangible benefit.

The use of Facebook Credits for payment is surely going to increase over time. I’m not sure Universal has the pricing right yet, but they are certainly doing well as an early adopter of the technology (on the mass scale) in Australia. Having not seen or heard about Facebook Credits for some time, I was impressed with the number of payment options that are now available:

Definitely a technology to keep an eye out on.

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