1. Always be professional

  • Community Managers should always write knowledgeably, accurately, and using appropriate professionalism.
  • Community Managers should always ensure all content and information provided is informed and factually accurate.
  • Community Managers should always speak respectfully about the organisation, employees and current and potential clients.
  • Community Managers should make an ongoing and conscious effort to treat the online community with respect.

2. Managing difficult posts

  • Criticism should always be constructive: all statements should be substantiated.
  • Community Managers should not engage in name-calling or behaviour that will reflect negatively on the organisation.

3. Honesty and transparency

  • Community Managers should be honest and transparent. Staff participating in social media in a professional capacity must disclose that they are representing the organisation.
  • All posted content and information should be truthful – the organisation must never be misrepresented. All statements must be true and all claims must be substantiated.
  • Any mistakes must be corrected promptly.
  • If commenting on a partner or client, the nature of this relationship should be disclosed.

4. Moderation policy

  • Where possible, all social media profiles should include a moderation policy that details which content (e.g. posts) may be removed by the organisation.