The purpose of a Facebook page is to engage you target audience with your brand, increase understanding of your services, drive traffic to the your website, and (if relevant) make sales.

This is achieved by encouraging community members to respond to content on the Facebook page by commenting, liking or sharing your Page or content with friends.

1. Post frequency

The ideal post frequency is three-four times a week. As a general rule, only one in five posts should be about your organisation or products

2. Tone

Consider Facebook a professional cocktail party: the tone of Facebook content should reflect your organisation. As a general rule, posts should be professional yet engaging and enthusiastic.

3. Content

The most effective content should be open-ended and invites response. Include a call to action: “subscribe now”, “tell us what you think”, “check out the blog post”. Every post should include either an opinion or a question: ideally both. Make status updates friendly and conversational. Media release headlines or formal statements do not resonate with the community.

4. Topics

The fundamental principle that should be used when creating Facebook content is to consider what interests and engages your Facebook community, rather than the brand’s marketing needs. Posts should focus on key issues relating to your industry but not exclusively about your organisation, products, services or events.

5. Tagging

You can tag other Facebook users. When you tag another Page, the post will appear both on your wall or theirs. This can be a great way to promote your Page but must be done appropriately. To tag, you must first like the Page, then simply type @ and then the name of the Page. If tagged, the name should appear highlighted in blue.

6. Vary your content

Don’t just rely on status updates and links. You can undertake polls, upload photos or videos. Browse the Facebook apps or create your own to engage your community with games, competitions, Facebook store – the possibilities are endless!

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