Earlier this morning, in response to yet another article I read that talked about how social media consultants / marketing agencies / marketers / communicators should focus on ‘Facebook, MySpace and Twitter’, I tweeted:

Why do we still mention Facebook’s very old, dead cousin? If people who aren’t technologically savvy are asking ‘does anyone still use MySpace’, then the answer is probably no.

Let’s have a quick look at the data.

Here’s a graph (from here) that displays user visits in 07-08 for MySpace:

As you can see, the writing was on the wall then. Let’s have a look at the last 2 years, where we can easily get data from Alexa:

MySpace isn’t looking very healthy. The number of visitors (a better measure than the number of people registered on the site) is less than a quarter of what it was at the start of 2010. Let’s quickly compare it to Facebook and Twitter:

As can be seen, Facebook has been dominating MySpace in the last 2 years (which is a long time for social media), and twitter has gone from a similar number to far outshadowing MySpace. Indeed, in 2009 techcrunch announced that the number of unique visitors of Facebook was twice that of MySpace.

So why are we still talking about MySpace? I know that it was a very popular network back in 2008, but it’s now 2011 (nearly 2012). Things move quickly. These days there are far more interesting comparisons or ‘new social networks worth looking at’ like tumblr below:

Tumblr has been growing at quite a fast rate here worldwide and here in Australia, and has now surpassed the traffic from MySpace.

So why are we still hearing about MySpace? I propose that the ‘social media expert police’ arrest anyone who discusses MySpace as a place that any brand should be – unless they just want to be there as a peaceful place to die.

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