We often notice that Facebook Pages are not often used to their full potential by organisations and felt compelled to share some simple tips and tricks that – whilst minor – can help make a Page really pop.

Use a ‘tall’ profile photo

Facebook enables Pages to upload tall profiles images, not just the traditional square images you usually see. Whilst images must remain 200 pixels wide, they can be as tall as 600 pixels. This enables brands to either inclue unusual images as Coca-Cola have (below) or to include their logo as usual as well as brand or promotional messaging. Clear River provide some fantastic instructions about how to create a tall profile image.


Utilise header images

All pages feature five images across the top of your wall. The images are automatically pulled from your Photos, with images tagged as you given prominence. Take a moment to consider what images will help your Page pop, could it be icons which help you sell your brand messaging or product images to draw users in? To highlight specific images for your header, tag the photos you’d like featured as you and untag the others.


Welcome tab

Many Facebook page have a ‘Welcome’ tab that new visitors are automatically directed to (users who already like the Page are sent directly to the wall). A ‘Welcome’ tab provides a great opportunity to include a call to action (Like our page!), to promote who you are and establish user expectations. What are the benefits to liking your page? News? Competitions? Exclusive discounts? Insider tips? A ‘Welcome’ tab can be used in many ways so you’re only limited by your imagination: include a sign-up form to your enewsletter, links to your website or promote a current competition.


Once you insert a URL into a status update, a full preview – with a link – will appear automatically below.  You can then delete your original URL within the status update, leaving your commentary or question. The final look is cleaner and avoids unnecessary double-up.


Very few visitors to your Facebook Page will visit your Info tab but everyone will visit your wall. Your ‘About’ text appears on both tabs but the text is limited to only a few words on your wall. So keep your ‘About’ text succinct so that it appears as a strong summary, rather than letting the text run on with an elipses half way through a senta…

Utilise ‘Featured Likes’

Each Page features a number of Pages you like on the left hand panel. Should you wish to promote specific Pages (for example sister companies or partner organisations), you can select which specific Pages you would like featured. To do this, simply click on ‘Edit Page’, ‘Featured’ and ‘Featured Likes’, then select which Pages you would like highlighted. Microsoft has chosen to highlight Microsoft products as it’s Featured Likes:


Establishing a good content mix

Facebook enables Pages to upload various different types of content – utilise these features! In addition to asking questions or providing news via the standard status update, use the ‘question’ function to undertake polls, upload images with a question or comment, and share videos. Facebook allows you to upload videos directly but utilising the Facebook share function on a YouTube video is often more effective. Consider posting a different type of content each time you post. The fantastic Sportsgirl Facebook Page gets it right:


House Rules

House Rules are a great way to establish transparency and consistency with your community. By establishing ‘House Rules’ as a tab, you can communicate to your community how you intend to moderate your Page, what content is deemed unacceptable and what content will be removed. House Rules can also provide a timely reminder to community members to treat one another with respect.