The fast moving world of twitter just became a whole lot easier to keep up with thanks to some swish new developments.

Some people live glued to their twitter feeds. They’re true avatars of the information age, and as such they seem to effortlessly keep up to date with any significant developments anywhere in the world. But for the everymen/ women, we simply don’t have the time. Like teething toddler, twitter seems to require consistent attention. New tweets come through thick and fast and god help you if you miss a day.

So what about the rest of us? We’re the time-poor punters of the modern world! There are places to be, people to see, things to do and at the end of the day, the obligatory scroll through the twitter feed between traffic lights in an effort to stay informed is really only a band aid fix… Not to mention blatantly illegal.

Hands on the wheel, eyes on the road. Twitter now has a weekly summary, so even the most time-poor of us can stay up to date. The irrelevant is weeded out from the significant and Twitter has presented us with what is essentially a highlight reel, tailor-made to show the very best of the people you follow. You can keep up to date with the most important stories and follow the rabbit hole of responses for those who have decided to comment on them. Additionally, you can reply to the tweets made on Monday the following Saturday.

Interestingly, this could well mean we see a new dynamic on twitter. Of course, the option to reply to old tweets has always been there, but now they are literally offered up to us on a silver platter. We could well see replies to Tweets made days ago, with new tweets offering fresh perspectives occurring weeks later.

Additionally, you don’t need to be a twitter-god to stay informed. This new development empowers the punters.

But this isn’t the only move twitter has made to make Twitter easier. Twitters’ discover tab will now begin to feed information specifically relevant to you, instead of the world at large.

What does this mean? Twitter is gearing itself more and more in favour of the relevant rather than the nonsense. Users are going to have easier access to the things that specifically matter to them. You wont have to dig through your twitter feed searching for the diamonds in the rough. The gold that you’re panning for will basically be delivered straight to your door, both in the discover tab and in the weekly report.

How well this new personalising technology will work for people who follow thousands, remains to be seen.