Facebook’s latest offering to Pages and businesses poses plenty of new opportunities for connecting with stakeholders, but is it walking too finer line?

So what are Facebook offers? They were initially called “Facebook coupons”. The feature allows Pages to send out promotions and special discounts to people who have liked their Page. People can then redeem these offers in person.

Doesn’t sound bad, who doesn’t like a free donut? The only catch is that the offers don’t exist exclusively in the advertising bar; they go straight to your news feed.

Whilst this is terrific from the perspective of businesses getting more exposure, there might be more than a handful of people who aren’t completely smiles and sunshine about their news feeds being clogged from here to eternity with what are essentially ads.
Ultimately however, if a person doesn’t want to receive offers from a Page anymore they can simply unlike that Page. It’s this little factor that makes this feature so terrific in the long term.

True in the beginning, and basically on cue, you’ll have the typical grumblings about Facebook making a change. But ultimately people are going to wise-up and take the junk mail approach; start filtering their likes and being a little more selective.

What does this mean for businesses? If you start spamming offers on your audiences news feeds six ways to Sunday you can pretty much expect to get dropped like your hot. Having a weekly offer of 20% off mars bars at 7-11? Then brace yourself for the nosedive your Like tally is likely to make. On the other hand, Free mars bars with every fuel top up at 7-11? People wont just stick around, they’ll spread the word.

Be sparing, get cunning and we’ll all make it through this.