Planning to post appropriate content in advance is an ideal way to manage both your time, and your Facebook content calendar in such a way as to free up resources to deal with other more time-dependent admin tasks, like responding to posts and messages, moderating comments, or preparing engagement reports, or scheduling content to be posted at a time when there will be no one available in real time to post it. Scheduling content is also an ideal way to manage multiple accounts, and to deal with posting a high volume of content in advance.

Whenever posting content in advance through scheduling, be sure to verify that all details are correct and up to date. Scheduling works particularly well for content that needs to be posted regularly, i.e. weekly, bi-weekly, daily or monthly content which doesn’t change, other than in the date and time posted.

Facebook has made scheduling content very simple. The mechanism is now built into the Update function. Simply follow the steps as outlined and choose to update status, add photo or video content, or add and event or milestone:

Once you have done this, the content will be stored and then automatically posted at the time you have specified.