Be alert, but not alarmed: Twitter has revamped its personal profiles.

Twitter users have been treated to a new “header image” on their profiles, very reminiscent to what you might already know as a Facebook a cover photo.

The new Header Images measure 1200×600 pixels, but Twitter recommends that you upload an image that is 1252 x 626 pixels for ‘optimal display’. Check out the header image from @todayshow below:

For organisations with both Facebook and Twitter presences, you may be tempted to reformat re-use your Facebook Cover photos.

Resist that urge!

Remember that whilst each presence should be linked, each should offer your stakeholders something distinctly new and different.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter also gives users a background image. For those with one already, think about developing both your background and header images to be complimentary to one another, you’ve got a lot more room to play with here than you might realise.

Social Media platforms are constantly changing, but with each new change come new opportunities for people and organisations to represent themselves.

For more, read this TNW article, or the official Twitter announcement.

And for some design inspiration, check out this Mashable article “10 Twitter Header Images Done Right“.