Twitter’s latest acquisition in the next in line of the Instagram-esque applications that work to sweeten your rich media content.

The concept is super simplistic. You open vine and point your camera at whatever you want to film, hold the screen at what you when you want to record and release it when you wish to stop. You can continuously stop and record for a finished product of about six seconds of film that loops continually when played.

Have a look at an example by clicking the image below:

Vine Example

Will it take off? It already has. The main question is what will it be used for, and how brands might use it to engage with consumers.

It’s clear what the app is going for; Where Instagram empowers users with filters that make their photos look like actually works of art. Vine works to condense the existing quality, users are empowered with the ability to edit. Turning a novice with a camera into pseudo-filmmaker.

This issue in my mind is the time limit and the looping effect. This feels a lot like a gif with sound*, and the risk from my perspective is that this may be what the tool is used to create.

Ultimately it will be the quality of the user-generated content that will dictate how successful this application becomes. The culture of this still remains to be seen.

*A medium which the website YTMND turned into a kind of art form: http://picarddancing.ytmnd.com

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