Facebook has been through an enormous period of change over the past three weeks with the addition of verified accounts, reduction in the types of ads you can run and hashtagging functionality. Now there’s more, Facebook has just announced and released a few more changes/ additions to its arsenal of tools.

1.Changes to Insights

Facebook insights is getting an overhaul, with a whole host of different, specific metrics being progressively installed to make it easier for organisations to analyse the reception of their content. It will be a slow rollout, but expect to see yours changing soon.

Kass wrote an article last week on the changes rumoured to happen to the ‘People Talking about This’ function — which (as was rumoured) has been split into a few different parts. Check the link above for more details.

2. Changes to image sharing tools.

Users can now comment with a photo or image in the comment threads of another users content. Another win for memes, it would seem.

3. Upload your own thumbnails

You can now upload your own thumbnails to articles that you link to.  All credit goes to Ben Teoh on this one. This is one will be a slow rollout as it’s currently only available to select Pages.

Check it out: