The Dialogue team is currently working on a bit of a side project. We want to put together a monthly publication that provides commentary on the social media landscape. That publication is Upvote, a short and sharp online magazine that chronicles movements of the social media sector.

Samantha Yorke of the IAB wrote an article for the Australian last week which made the very good point that our industry changes rapidly, and unless we actually have in depth debate and discussions around key issues, we’re not going to go anywhere fast.

Integral to this idea is that social media is now its own industry, and whilst many can say that it falls within the venn diagram of advertising/ PR, if you’re anything like me, you’re starting to get hungry for a source of insight.

There are a lot of great trade publications that frequently produce quality content that deals with social media. However the issue with many of these publications is that they are catering to advertising, media and marketing professionals. There is a place for this. But the more we learn about social media, the more we identify that whilst our circle within the venn diagram intersects in some areas, there is much of it that sits in a completely separate sphere.

As a result of this, social media is very much the wild-west at the moment, and that’s pretty amazing. What we have is a blank canvas. It makes the work we do incredibly exciting and challenging.

What we’re keen to build something that welcomes debate and diversity of opinion. After all, it’s only through having the in-depth discussions that we can actually work to move forward as a sector.

There are fascinating issues to explore, so lets start talking about them shall we?

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The first issue is scheduled to drop in September.

– Matt