I frequently lament that one of the biggest issues in social media is the lack of audience consideration. When you’re trying to cut through the endless barrage on noise on social media platforms, elbowing your way through the scrimmage of sponsored stories on the news feed to get to the consumer, your content can’t just be charming; you need be your consumer’s dreamboat.

Well, last week a dreamboat finally set sail.

Did you stop the video about one minute in? Don’t worry, it’s essentially more of the same.

Your current state of clear-headedness also positions your firmly outside of this content’s target audience group.

As seemingly ridiculous as this video is, the good people at Hot Pockets brand sandwiches have tailor constructed their content to communicate directly to the type of person most likely to actually purchase their product: people who are kaleidoscopically high.

You might roll your eyes, but look at the list of ingredients.

Hip hop legend/ rastafarian convert: Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg

Supermodel Kate Upton:


And a product sporting nutritional information that reads like a shakespearian tragedy:

hot-pockets label225341

Not to mention the catchy tune, frequent references to “baking” and lingering shots of pastry.

You have to hand it to them, they’re really putting the consumer first. They’ve built a piece of content that essentially contains everything your lofty, red eyed young person is likely to want on their pilgrimage from sobriety into the great unknown.

The content even exclusively exists on youtube, the first port of call for entertainment on a night in.

It’s call to action is clear and simple: get your butt off youtube and make your way to the local 7-11 where hot pockets are readily available and can cater to all your reefer-fueled snack requirements.

Your target audience probably resides in a clearer state of mind than the ones that the folk at Hot Pockets are looking to communicate with, regardless, the fundamental principle of salesmanship remains the same:

You need to know your territory.

Happy trails

– Matt