I know I’m a little late to jump on the Pharrell Williams “24 Hours of Happy” bandwagon, but for the last week I haven’t stopped singing “Happy” and have gone out of my way to infect the lives of those around me with it. Interestingly, I haven’t shared it much online (this post excluded), but have shared it in person as a joint experience.

Why have I done this?

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 2.56.23 PMTo be perfectly honest, I don’t know. I like it. It actually makes me happier and I want it to have the same effect on others. The song is catchy, the video/dancing seems natural and unforced, and the website interface is interesting and easy to use. Oh, and anyone can do it. In fact, the morning we discovered it in the office, my colleague and I caught the happy bug and made our own version. Our music video didn’t quite go for 24 hours (more like 24 seconds), but following it we felt energized and, dare I say it, happy.

The music video was shot over an astonishingly short period of 10 days, it included 400 performers (both everyday people and some celebrities), the shots were taken close to the actual times presented in the video (at most the clip would be about 10 minutes out), there were no second takes (you see when some performers slip-up), it was shot with a Steadicam (guerilla style), and once the filming was finished it took two weeks to put together and create the interface.

The interface is especially impressive as you can skip to any part of the music video at any time and the song continues from where it was previously. This smooth transition almost allows users to create their own music video as they can skip throughout the film clip and watch segments of the entire 24 hours within one song cycle. That said the site does require some buffering time whenever you move through the clip. The interface also allows the user to easily find the Pharrell segments using yellow “P” markers positioned around the 24 Hours of Happy clock.

Pharell has received an incredible amount of acclaim for his music video with some online articles suggesting it is the best video of 2013, a historic moment in the music industry, and even that it has the power to restore people’s faith in humanity. Even those who labeled the idea as gimmicky couldn’t help but admit that it was enjoyable to watch in bits and pieces and that it’s hard to stay mad at the world when it’s on.

My recommendation:

Take a look at www.24hoursofhappy.com. Whether you need a bit of a pick me up, are a Pharrell Williams fan, or are just curious, you won’t be disappointed.

Moments I love (I am yet to see the full 24 hours):

5:24am – This guy feels like a room without a roof

9:50am – Could there be a more stylish kid?

1:25pm – The guy in shorts is loving life

3:01pm – Nothing can bring you down Pharrell, you are awesome!

– Mary