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After the monstrous success of Melbourne’s inaugural White Night last year, described by a friend as “chaotic, confusing, but fun”, White Night is back in 2014 for another 12 hours (7pm-7am 22nd-23rd Feb, 2014). There are a number of different events on in and around the city tomorrow night and I have been through the program to pull out some weird, wonderful, and must see/do experiences for anyone looking to be part of the chaotic experience.

1. Film, Family: Fischli and Weiss

Fischli and Weiss is a film that expresses the pleasures that can be gained from a natural experience. It follows the story of a cat. This cat laps up milk. That is all. Wait, what? Yes, this film that has been shown at museums throughout the world is about a cat that drinks milk. Convinced that there must be more to it, I’ll be heading to the Alex and the Engineer precinct at 7pm.

2. Performance, Sport, Family: I could have danced all night

A new dance style every hour. Held in Federation Square, participants can practice their Disco, Salsa, and Bollywood dancing, before learning Beyoncé’s Single Ladies dance at 3am. Each dance style will be led by a professional team, who will you learn the moves and special techniques. As someone who loves to get her groove on, I cannot give up this opportunity to dance until I drop.

3. Fashion, Performance, Family: Psychic Hairdressers anonymous

I’m not 100% sure what this event entails, but basically Psychic Hairdressers Anonymous will give you a makeover as they see fit. This may take the form of a new hairdo, or some spiritual awakening. The team will be set up on Swanston Street, between little Bourke and Lonsdale.

4. Art, Design, Family, Performance: Print-Bot (Series 1)

“Chickens go in, pies come out”. The event information suggests that users simply place an object into a machine and an augmented product will be produced at the other end. I’m imagining the Boag’s Draught, Pure Waters commercials and hoping for something similar. However, I will not be disappointed if it turns out to be some form of 3D printer or something else similar.

5. Sport, Family, Performance: Moonlight Synchro

I have never seen synchronized swimming live before, but tomorrow night it will be happening ALL night at the Melbourne City Baths. If you’re keen on the sport, curious, or ready to just sit down and watch something uniquely beautiful, check it out.

6. Performance: The book of the night

It may not end up being an international bestseller, but a book is going to be written in 12 hours tomorrow night by 12 different authors. Be part of the journey by suggesting characters and plot twists to the authors busily working at the State Library on Swanston Street. To add to the novelty, the book will be available as an eBook the following day!

7. Art, Family, Lighting: Purple Rain

Having missed last year’s White Night, the light shows are something that various friends have recommended as a “must see” this year. After looking at the numerous lighting events, Purple Rain by Pierre Ardouvin is the event I don’t want to miss. A mixture of music, a soundscape, and mauve coloured rain, Purple Rain promises to be an unforgettable sensory experience.

8. Family, Sport: MS Melbourne Cycle

If you still have energy left at 7am, jump on your bike and ride to find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. I have done this bike ride before and although it is challenging in places (over the West Gate Bridge), it is very rewarding to finish and it is for a good cause.

So get into your dance shoes and comfortable clothing, spend tomorrow sleeping and then head into the city for an unforgettable 12-hour event starting at 7pm. For more information about White Night Melbourne; including getting there, the various eateries participating in night, and the full program; check out the official website or their Facebook Page Event.