Recent reports on technology trends have identified some of the upcoming applications of online or digital tools for business.

Interestingly, top responses usually revolve around three key themes;

  • Socially enabled business processes
  • Mobile customer engagement
  • Application of business analytics

It’s good to see that social and digital technology is getting recognition in the workplace. Beyond the common association of ‘social’ equating to ‘Facebook’, enterprise social networks brings value to organisations in the form of efficiency gains and cost reductions as examples. Connected employees can communicate faster, collaborate quickly, and easily share workloads. Online storage allows for speedier reviews, faster decision making, and importantly, the ability to search, monitor and store information and any changes online.

Mobile customer engagement is becoming increasingly important given the ubiquitous use of smartphones and tablets, driving customer and business interaction anywhere and at anytime. As customers continue to switch to mobile technology, they are beginning to expect more from businesses. As such, organisations must become flexible in their digital interactions with customers and build online capabilities in order to best meet their demands.

Lastly, business analytics are becoming a crucial component to performance evaluation and strategy formulation. With the increased availability of information and new ways of interpreting and implementing findings, organisations are realising the many benefits that leveraging data can bring. Adjustments in areas such as internal capacity building, customer experience, and service provision as a result of identifying and acting upon data trends can reduce expenditure, build productivity, and gain customer loyalty. As a result, businesses are finding innovative ways to compete and excel.

In all, technology brings many strategic advantages, and these particular trends are making headlines for very good reasons.

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