Image source: Facebook

Image source: Facebook

Facebook has been busy modifying their Platform Policies, particularly those relating to games and to proper use. They have set a November 5th compliance deadline for developers to incorporate these changes.

A major amendment  is that users can no longer direct people to a ‘Like gate’ (similar to a paywall, except people must Like a Page to access rewards, content, or features rather than pay). As such, Facebook is looking to push businesses into more organic Page growth (or perhaps paid promotion) to increase the authenticity of Page and audience engagement. Pages can however still incentivise people in other ways, such as logins to apps, check-ins, or competitions.

The second biggest change is in increasing transparency for game players and app users. As such, if an app has any intention (either mandatory or optional) to charge users via in-app purchases, this must be clearly stated in the description. This will help users make informed decisions about the cost of the apps they are using.

Increased user transparency, and avoidance of incentivising Likes has been a focus of Facebook’s in the past, and it appears they are becoming more stringent on policy for continual improvement in their user experience. This can only be a positive change in ensuring that Facebook retains satisfied and engaged users.



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