TD9MSNAustralia’s third most popular news website, and one stop shop for all things Kardashian, Ninemsn is preparing to relaunch its homepage as their joint venture with Microsoft comes to an end.

According to Mumbrella, the site is preparing for a drop off in traffic as Microsoft launches MSN News, and Outlook and Hotmail are no longer redirected to Ninemsn now wholly owned by Nine Entertainment.

Microsoft did something similar in the US, recently selling their stake of MSNBC to NBC News.

Traffic to the newly formed experienced a significant and expected drop off but has recently stabilised.

What was most notable in Editor-In-Chief, Hal Crawford’s interview with Mumbrella, were his comments on the upcoming media campaign for the site.

There will be a campaign…driven by the idea of Ninemsn being the home of stories which matter to people and reminding them why they love Ninemsn

Why they love Ninemsn? Did we ever love Ninemsn? 

Let’s Be Honest, Ninemsn is the default page to every Australian stupid enough to still have a Hotmail account. There’s no question about it.

And, what are these “stories that matter”?

Awkward Big Brother Moments” is that the kind of thing he’s referring to? “Kate Moss Shoves Mel B and then Gives Her the Finger” is that another one? And let’s not forget about their bread and butter “Kardashian girls unite for Bruce Jenner’s B’Day”. (I told you they love the Kardashians)

Nobody who truly cares about “the stories which matter” would ever flock to the home of the The Block. And now with the Daily Mail having arrived in Australia and eating away at the established online media here, it’s questionable as to what the site actually stands for anymore, and even more questionable that Nine Entertainment, owner of Ninemsn has invested in the Daily Mail Australia as well.

If you want accurate and local news from Nine, you’re going to go to If you want trash you’ll go straight to the Daily Mail. And, if you want great Australian journalism, you can go literally anywhere else. The ABC or Guardian Australia would be good bets.

Going forward, it’s going to take a lot more than a redesigned homepage to convince Australians with any sense that Ninemsn is still relevant.

With the expected drop off of around 30% once Microsoft stops redirecting its email users to the site, and with it already irrelevent to those who use Gmail, and perhaps have a brain, it’s a good time for Australia’s third most popular site to start thinking about their audience beyond the Big Brother fan.

The gravy train has stopped.