Okay, so, go to your LinkedIn page and count how many times you say the ‘F’ word in your profile.

How did you go?…

What, nothing?


Well that’s a surprise, because according to an article in The Linked In Man today, over 31,000 people have, let’s just say, less than professional language on their LinkedIn pages. Which boggles the mind when you consider that over 300 million business professionals peruse the site when looking for or doing background research on potential hires.

I’m not sure the word “F#*k”, used by over 3,000 people, the phrase “Holy sh#*t”, used by more than 8,000 people, or even the child’s swearword “Crap”, used by over 3,000 users has any place on a site in which you’re meant to be talking yourself up to fellow professionals. But I could be wrong, as it turns out that the rudest of these profiles belong to some of the biggest companies in the world.

Microsoft employees appear to use more foul language than members of the US Army do. Employees from McDonald’s, IBM and Google follow behind, respectively.

The Entertainment industry appears to be the most potty mouthed on the social network, followed closely by Marketing and Advertising, Music, IT and Writing and Editing.

Australia rounds out the top five rudest countries on LinkedIn, following the lead of US, UK, Denmark and the Netherlands.

In an age where your history can be the difference between you getting a gig in the professional world or not, it’s intriguing to think of what must go through the heads of some of these users. Do they think they’re charming? Are they using their LinkedIn accounts as a platform to extend their witty senses of humour, or is this actually their professional identity online?

For instance, the juiciest of examples featured in an article on Quartz today asks:

“Who the f#*k hires a producer/sound guy off linkedin?


If you’re interested, you’re probably a moron.”


Let’s play Who’s the Idiot? The person looking for a sound guy on LinkedIn, or the guy who made the profile?

I’m undecided.