I love Kate Spade’s new ad “The Waiting Game”, staring Anna Kendrick. Not only is the ad funny whilst also showing off Kate Spade’s new collection, but also you can click on the items you like as you watch the video and then review these items afterwards.


It’s a brilliant ad for a number of reasons.

  1. Use of a well liked, funny celebrity

Anna Kendrick is a well-liked, adorkable celebrity who has already had documented advertising success this year in Newcastle Brown Ale Superbowl ad. As well as this ad, Kendrick is adored by the Internet.

  1. Interactive

It’s a visual shopping cart. You click on the items you like and then can shop them later! It does make increase the buffering time of the video, but I think this is a really cool feature. Imagine what could be done if this sort of technology was applied to your favourite TV show or new movie? Not only would brands benefit from the product placement, but also the barrier to entry is lowered as the laborious search for the cool dress/phonecover/shoes is completely removed. In addition, it would make sharing your favourite items with friends simpler.

  1. High production value

This was not a cheap ad to make. Not only is Anna Kendrick the star, but also Iris Apfel, fashion icon, is her neighbour! There is also a puppy, thousands of dollars worth of product and a “this could be a scene from a Hollywood film” feel. It is well polished and visually appealing.

  1. Fresh

I’ve loved Kate Spade’s products for a number of years – I’m still using my laptop case, even though the zip finally gave way and my cat uses it as a bed most nights – but their advertising has never resonated with me. Or maybe, I’ve just never noticed it before. This ad reflects how I feel about the brand; stylish, fun, and holds a social currency. That is, if you’ll get compliments from fellow Kate Spade lovers/fashion savvy friends every time you pull out your phone from your Kate Spade top handle bag.

  1. Integrated campaign

As with most campaigns these days, they have to be integrated across social platforms. “The Waiting Game” is no exception. They have their #hashtag #missadventure which has made an appearance across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, as well as Tumblr.


It is important to remember that no campaign is perfect and you always miss something/you can always improve. One of the biggest issues with this campaign was its popularity. Not only did I have trouble loading the video a few days after it’s launch, but it received so much traction that the Kate Spade website temporarily went down. Kate Spade did not/could not accommodate the increased traffic and so were temporarily without a website. Not ideal, when the online campaign is targeting online shoppers… In addition, the motion-touch technology didn’t work perfectly with the frame sometimes changing before I could click and a different item being selected.


However, as a fan of the brand I may be biased in my opinion. Take a look yourself and come to your own conclusions. One thing is evident to me though, if I’m their target audience then Kate Spade has definitely done their research and created a successful campaign. #missadventure is off to go shopping!


BONUS: If you click on Milos (the adorable dog) you get to watch a behind the scenes clip all about Milos!