Which One's The Apple?

When ripping off an Apple product how blatant can you be?

Nokia’s new N1 tablet is absolutely walking -if not totally crossing- the line of what’s acceptable when it comes to taking “inspiration” from a product.

The company, back from the dead after selling most of itself off to Microsoft earlier this year has released the first ads for its new smallish tablet, and it looks like an Apple product. Legitimately, it looks like the iPad Mini. The aluminium back, the small size, the ads even look like they were made by the Apple marketing team. And yet the slogan for it is “Thinking Ahead” (Not “Thnking Different”?). Perhaps they’ve thought ahead so far they’ve made Apple’s next tablet before the company could do it themselves.

According to Nokia they’ve made the tablet to coincide with the launch of their new Android Z launcher for tablets. The launcher, which allows you to search for things by simply drawing letters on the screen, is already available in the Google Play Store for phones, but will only run on the N1 tablet instead of on all Android tablets.

Nokia aren’t the first company to completely replicate the design traits of Apple’s products and ads. It’s been done to great effect by Samsung with their Galaxy S2, as well as recently the Galaxy Alpha which literally looks like an iPhone 4 running Android. And more explicitly, Chinese mobile manufacturer Xiaomi’s phones and keynotes bare explicit resemblance to that of Apple’s with its CEO even dressing like Steve Jobs.

Where is the line when it comes to “inspiration”? When does it come outright plagiarism? Nokia may well find out.

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