Dislike Dialogue

“Don’t expect a new button anytime soon” said Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg at a recent town hall style meeting at the company’s headquarters in California.

The CEO took questions on a broad range of topics including, the prospect of the social network introducing a ‘Dislike’ button.

According to Bloomberg, Facebook had thought about it, but chose not to implement it, as such a button could spread negativity.

“A lot of times people share things on Facebook that are sad moments in their lives,” said Zuckerberg. “What’s the right way to make it so people can easily express a broader range of emotions? To empathise?”

Although he played down any possibility of a new button, he concedes “it makes sense to think about the issue so the company can figure out the right way to connote emotions.”

He was also asked how he would handle Facebook with his daughter, if he had one.

“I would not allow my children under he age of 13 to use Facebook,” he said. According to Bloomberg he would sit down with them and talk about bullying and other things to look out for on social media.

He wouldn’t ban his children from technology all together, however, saying, “I would want my children to use technology because it’s one of the ways you become literate and learn the skills that you need for the modern world.”