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Video is a priority for Facebook in 2015, and it wants you to know about it.

The company has begun boasting 3 billion video views on the social network each day, up from a billion in June 2014.

But what actually qualifies as a “view”?

Users and marketers should be weary in interpreting this data as Facebook’s definition of a view is that the video is played on your news feed. So, regardless of if you clicked on it and watched it, or whether it played automatically without sound as you scrolled through your news feed, it is counted as a view.

Although social video is set to be a huge growth area in 2015 with video advertising set to reach $7.77 billion, according to EMarketer Inc., there’s currently no standard for measuring their effectiveness.

Nonetheless -with its billions of “views”- Facebook is the biggest challenger there’s been to YouTube so far, and is working on adjusting its design to allow marketers to purchase video ads easier. Plus, with its acquisition of LiveRail, an online video ad platform, the company looking at extending its video ad reach beyond its social network.

Let the great video battle of 2015 begin.