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Balance is important in creating an effective social media presence for a brand.
Between your blog and your Twitter and Facebook accounts, the voice of your business should bounce strategically from promoter to informer and back again.
You want to help your followers and potential clients to be well aware of your brand and what you do, but doing this in a subtle way that still serves their needs is the real challenge.
As an article from the Social Times suggests, balancing the articles you share from other sources, and original content you produce and share on the company’s blog are both vital and they serve distinct purposes.
More than likely, your original content consists of a mix of articles, editorials and special deals that promote your brand. This stream of content is important to have as, according to an infographic by marketing firm Rebuild Nation, “Unique content is essential for a site’s natural Google ranking”. Original content that presents the point of view of your business, and informs your audience, is achieving its goal of providing a service.
Therefore your social media presence must too provide a service. As well as sharing these original articles, and promoting your business, an element of your social media strategy should be to share links, and information from other sources that too can help inform them. It’s a vital technique that can produce engagement with your followers through discussion, and establish in them, a sense of trust in you.
Working as more content for you to share, more opportunities for you to connect with your followers, and more opportunities for people online to see your brand, content matter, and where it comes from matters just as much.