Pinterest is adding a “Buy” button.

After years of pining from users, and the company’s CEO alike, the changes were announced Wednesday, set to roll out in June, according to Quartz.

“Most of the time, I give up on buying [a product]”, said CEO Ben Silbermann. “or I email myself so I can buy it at home,”.

It’s a move five years in the making, as the company has gradually made pins more useful to people scouring boards to organise a purchase. In 2013 the social network introduced “rich pins”, pulling additional information including product pricing and availability into pins. Then in May they made it possible for developers to build integrations into their apps, with a suite of new APIs.

The buy button is the next logical phase for the company, and will require merchants to fill orders, and payments companies Stripe, Braintree, and Apple Pay to process each sale.

According to Quartz, Pinterest doesn’t plan to charge merchants fees for selling products on the service, instead hoping the extra feature will encourage partner merchants to spend more on advertising.

Pinterest is the best positioned social network to introduce such a feature, with a recent survey revealing 93% of users go to the site to plan a purchase and research products. Users have more intention to buy what they see than that of Facebook or Instagram, and they’re willing to spend $58.95 more than Facebook or Twitter users, according to a 2014 report.

The button rolls out later this month.

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