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Facebook is testing changes to its newsfeed, giving users the ability to choose what people or pages always show up at the top of their newsfeed.

As the SocialTimes reports, it’s not yet known when Facebook will roll out the feature more widely, but it’s a move that puts more control in the hands of users and less in that of the social media giant’s.

Having users pick and choose who and what they see the most of, feeds into the company’s concept of having your newsfeed be like a personalised newspaper. But it represents a challenge for brands that require visibility on the social site.

If users have to opt-in to see your posts in a priority position, the more specifically brands will need to tailor content to engage their desired audience.

While increasing the power of its users may seem a curious move for Facebook, it folds neatly into the company’s recent focus on the user experience.

With the recent introduction of “Facebook Instant” articles, which sees participating publishers posting content directly into the newsfeed, eliminating the seconds it takes to link away from the site, it’s clear the company is laser focused on making one’s newsfeed the most relied upon source for content.

By giving users more control to curate what they see, Facebook is sending a warning shot to publishers and advertisers to make their content compelling to its users, or risk irrelevance in their newsfeed.

If successful it should improve the user experience, showing less of what you don’t want and more of what you do, and it solidifies the newsfeed’s standing as an indispensable avenue for targeted content and advertising.