f Priority Newsfeed

At long last Facebook is rolling out its new prioritisation features to the News Feed.

According to a post in the Facebook Newsroom, the updated controls will allow users to:

Select friends and pages to see first: Posts from those people and sources will appear at the top of your News Feed.

Find new Pages to connect to: Based on pages you’ve already liked, Facebook will recommend artists, publishers and businesses you might be interested in, “to get more of the stories you care about”.

Select which friends and Pages to follow or unfollow: This new tool allows you to see the top people, Pages and groups you’ve seen in the past week and decide whether to continue following or unfollow them. It also allows you to see who you’ve previously unfollowed and reconnect with them.

These new features, along with the recent introduction of “Facebook Instant” articles, fold neatly into the company’s continued focus on improving the user experience. However – as I mentioned in a recent article – this News Feed change does represent a challenge for brands.

As we’re seeing increasingly online, widespread visibility using a single platform is getting harder and harder to attain. With the continued fragmentation of media, the need to accurately target your audience – as well as making your content compelling to them – has never been more vital.

Changes like this are giving users more power over what they see, forcing brands to be more creative with how they attract, and more importantly sustain, their attention. But of course, it gives Facebook more power too.

By making posts more relevant to them, users should spend more time in the News Feed. The more Facebook can solidify the power of its main stream, the more power it has over artists, publishers and businesses.