For a long time brands have been using large scale events like the Super Bowl and the Oscars to target audiences. But until now, they’ve had to do so on their own, without insights into demographics, geographical locations, dates and handles based on the previous year’s data.

Today’s announcement of “event targeting” to Twitter’s ad platform is a welcome addition to marketers and sees the introduction of three primary tools:

Event calendar: Allows you to determine what live events fit with your brand, determined by location, date or type of event. This feature allows you to explore all events months in advance.

Event insights: Allows you to look into the previous year’s data of the event/s you’ve chosen, see insights including audience reach, device breakdown and gender. You can also see the tweets with the most engagement on the topic.

Event activation: Creates a campaign targeting your event and chosen demographic, determined by the previous tools.

Twitter is the premier social network for live events. Improving the experience of targeting audiences for brands will add confidence to the company’s ad product, and potentially buy it some good will from the shareholders, who have been growing restless following its recent performance.