f Notes

You probably forgot about Facebook Notes, but they still exist, and now they look GOOD.

After hiring the design team Teehan + Lax in January this year – the same team that worked on Medium – the world’s premier social network has finally churned out an update to this long neglected feature.

Indeed the new Facebook Notes look a lot like Medium, allowing for bigger more beautiful photo layouts, a handsome time strap beneath the title, and additional features – currently being tested – including new ways to tag people, resize photos, and add hashtags and links, according to Wired.

This introduces yet another function you can perform natively, that you once had to go outside of Facebook to do decently: blogging.

And, as beautiful as Medium is (I’ve been using it a lot recently), one thing it lacks is a built in audience guaranteed to read your work. With Facebook Notes, you not only have a lot of your audience right there, but their awareness of your work and thus conversion of those eyeballs into readers may be potentially higher thanks to the predictably favourable algorithmic changes Facebook will no doubt make.

Much like publishers are giving Facebook Instant Articles a go, bloggers should give Facebook Notes another (or a first) chance. Because it’s nothing like the crummy old feature, you’d probably forgotten about.

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