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Women get more engagement when they talk about diversity; Men get more engagement when they talk about tech. CEO of Textio, Kieran Snyder was finding her tweets about diversity got a lot more attention than anything else she posted. So, she did some research and found that engagement rose to 11.7 favourites and 10.3 retweets on average for most tweets about diversity by women. Men on the other hand saw 12.6 favourites and 11.3 retweets on all topics. And, on their tweets about, 16.4 favourites and 15.5 retweets on average. The diversity conversation continues…

It’s hard to build a brand on social media. When the average lifespan of a Facebook post is between two and five hours, and on Twitter about eighteen minutes, how do you get the recognition your company desires? By remembering that influencers rule social media. YouTube stars, Vine boys, and traditional celebrities with large social followings can improve your brands’ chance at gaining influence itself. But think about your audience, and who their influencers are. Thought leaders, entrepreneurs and CEOs within your company’s field may serve you best.

The Future of Video isn’t Streaming, it’s “the Stream”. A guest post on the Social Times argues that the future of video is “the stream” (aka the newsfeed), rather than streaming. It may just be a badly worded piece, but I’m not sure I agree. The future of video is basically in every way streaming; it just depends on what you think the term “streaming” means. Essentially this article interprets streaming as Periscope-esque live (live to tape) streaming, arguing that the average user doesn’t have a life interesting enough to warrant this form of video being interesting. I think the writer may be surprised as to how hypnotic getting a window into someone else’s life actually is. It’s weird, but there’s an audience for that, and there always has been (YouTube stars anyone?). Secondly, the writer states that Snapchat and Vine videos are short, “forcing their own sort of creativity”, but on Periscope and Meerkat style streaming “there’s just nothing there to watch”. If the short and sharp conventions of Snapchat and Vine can force creativity, then surely the open ended-ness of a live stream can as well. Lastly this “guest writer” ends their piece by stating that “streaming video isn’t a standalone product; it’s a feature in the rest of the social stream.” Well, yes. I think you’re right. In fact I don’t think anyone was ever arguing with you there. It’s an argument that didn’t need to be made, but if you want to read it, click the link.

Facebook’s app for famous people is now available to semi-normals. ‘Mentions’ was previously exclusive to verified pages, and was in Facebook’s words made for “actors, athletes, musicians and other influencers.” But the app is now available to verified profiles not just pages, allowing you to manage accounts with huge amounts of followers and live stream.

And finally, BuzzFeed have a sensational article about what happens when a parent’s grief goes viral. It introduces followers who have actively contributed to memorialising a child they never met, and surfaces a number of parents living through their deceased child’s online profiles.