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Welcome to the Dialogue Daily. A quick sprint through 5 social media stories you should know about today.

VicHealth has reviewed over 200 health, fitness and wellness apps. The verdict? There’s probably not one that does everything you want.

Meanwhile Yahoo Health has just released a study on millennials’ uptake of health, fitness and wellness apps finding:

  • 1 in 3 millennials share health and fitness data from a mobile device at least once a week
  • Millenials have a more holistic view of health than previous generations
  • Despite earning less they spend more on health and fitness than any other generation
  • For millenials content is king. They respond most positively to apps that provide video content, written articles and lists on the given topic, and long articles with details and quizzes.
  • They respond the best to apps that empower them to take control of their health journey
  • And, design matters! Never forget, form follows function.

Native Videos are overtaking YouTube shares on Twitter. A significant number of videos on the social network are still being shared from YouTube, but almost as many are now being posted natively. A rising number are shared from Periscope and slightly fewer from Vine. It marks a downward trend in YouTube videos being shared on social media, with Facebook seeing massive growth in video views in the last year, quickly escalating to a position big enough to take on YouTube.

Tumblr now has its own clothing line. Designed by some of its biggest bloggers, the social network has partnered with Print All Over Me, a site that prints custom designs to a cycling set of basic clothing silhouettes, to mark its 10th year of involvement with New York Fashion Week.

And finally, Chris Sacca is yelling again. Twitter’s loudest investor has taken to, well…Twitter, to lambaste the company’s board for taking too long to pick a new CEO. Sacca is pushing for interim CEO, Jack Dorsey, to complete his Steve Jobs arc and take on the role full-time. But, many still have doubts he can run the social media company, and financial services company, Square, at the one time. Arguing they want a CEO who will be “fully committed”.