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Jack Dorsey is about to complete his Steve Jobs-like return to the company he co-founded.

The interim Twitter CEO is expected to officially shed the interim title as early as tomorrow as the board comes to terms with having a CEO running two companies at once.

It’s an unsurprising development that I’ve been reporting on from the moment former CEO Dick Costolo stepped down and it represents a hopeful future for Twitter as a product, with Dorsey being the product visionary he is. But the board has had to come to terms with him also remaining CEO of payments company Square.

Recode reports that internal front-runner Adam Baine was also offered the job but declined to be considered if Dorsey wanted it.

It is said that with Dorsey at the helm, the company will more easily unite under his vision, something that’s easier to do with a co-founder and arguably inventor of the product in charge.

The leadership change comes at a rough period for the social media firm. Its stock hit an all-time low in August, and it desperately needs to grow its user base, converting casual browsers into signed up, active users.

Whether or not Dorsey can do it, him getting the CEO job will see his dream of mirroring his idol Steve Jobs’ career trajectory come mostly true. After being ousted from Apple in 1985, Steve Jobs returned in 1997, to be an advisor during Apple’s darkest period, and soon becoming interim and then full-time CEO, all the while being CEO of Pixar. His second reign at Apple ended up becoming one of business legend, seeing it become the most valuable company on earth.

Let’s see if Dorsey can do the same.