Dialogue Consulting specialises in providing communications and digital media strategy, risk management and advisory services.

Our company motto is, we’d rather not take your business than give you bad advice.

We offer our clients a suite of tailored products and services covering training, audit and evaluation, research and strategy development, risk management and crisis support. Our projects vary from advising on a change initiative, facilitating training workshops to co-creating a strategy with stakeholders.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, our diverse team combines extensive field expertise in marketing, advertising, consumer behaviour modelling, market research, psychology, tech journalism, statistics, business analysis and IT.

We love to help solve your problems – sometimes the answer is something digital, and sometimes it’s not.

For example, not every organisation is culturally ready to adopt new technology, and no matter how hard you try, a new tool won’t solve a cultural problem. Have a chat with us about doing an audit to better understand how your organisation’s culture supports innovative appraoches.

Our client list bridges the government, corporate, education and creative industries, to name a few.

Come and work with us.