These days it’s easy to find a digital or communications consultant, expert, guru, maven, or ninja. There are also a vast number of digital agencies, communications consultancies, customer experience agencies — you name it.

The most important thing about us is that we’re not an agency. Neither do we work like a traditional management consultancy, who aim to make you dependent on their fees forever, even for the simplest tasks.

We’re not in the business of doing your core work for you – whether that’s writing strategy, managing accounts, coordinating advertising or developing content for you.

We work in partnership with our clients to develop their capabilities and have better conversations.

We are experts in strategy, training, risk management, and all manner of analytics. Our team spends a lot of time staying up-to-date with the latest platform, technology and cultural changes that occur almost daily.

We are proudly independent of all vendors and tools, and don’t receive any ongoing or affiliate payments based on what we recommend to our clients. This allows us to give the best advice possible without any conflicts of interest.

Our clients depend on us to teach them best practice, upskill their teams, and provide truly independent third-party evaluation. Many clients are marketing agencies themselves – we don’t compete with agencies, we work alongside their teams and clients.

We don’t write hype — we never make a claim unless it’s backed up by hard data, and is relevant to you. For example, we’ve advised clients who have asked us to introduce them to social media that it wasn’t right for them — perhaps because it can’t provide any value, or because they don’t have their “birds lined up” internally.

Dialogue Consulting has worked throughout Australia and internationally for over 6 years (we’ll turn 7 on 1 September 2016). With age comes wisdom, but also responsibility. To remain at the top of our game for so long, we have consistently helped people produce results, upskill teams and produce independent, statistically-sound analysis.

We operate as a collective team —  everyone has their areas of expertise, and it is only through drawing on multiple team members’ knowledge that we can produce unique and meaningful results. Rather than one consultant, our clients get a range of experts coming from fields including communications, PR, strategy, economics, journalism, and IT.

If we don’t know the answer, we’ll work with you to find it out, or reach out to someone in our extensive network of partners to get you the right expertise to solve your problem.

We exist to add value to our clients every day, and we work hard to do so.

Our projects are diverse and unique, and while our core focus is on digital, we often work across other problem spaces, including people and culture, stakeholder communications and product strategy. If you’d like to discuss whether we would suit your organisation or project, get in touch and we’re happy to chat.