The no-nonsense French waiter seats you swiftly and efficiently. From across the table your furry friend acknowledges you with warm yet sophisticated smile.

“A magical time of year, no?” He declares in a voice that at once evokes thoughts of Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery, three other Bond actors and Morgan Freeman.

“The subtle satisfaction that comes from scarves, the enormous tupperware containers of thawed soup, the need to burn budgets at an alarming rate.” He glances at the crackling fireplace to your right.

A breath. “Ah yes, end of another financial year is upon us again.”

“It is a fact universally acknowledged.” Your friend begins. “That each year, the layout of the digital landscape shifts more radically than a staircase in Hogwarts, and with each contextual shift comes the opportunity for new tools, new risks and new value to be found.”

“Naturally, such seasonal circumstances call for adequately seasonal training workshops. I find that the local folk at Dialogue Consulting consistently plate up some of the best.” 

“Sometime sweet, sometimes savoury, rest assured, the perspective is always fresh.”

The feline regards the face-down menu before him with a knowing grin.

“Shall we begin?”

Dialogue Consulting

Tastes of winter menu

For the socially seasoned:

Developing Social Media Campaigns:

“Viral” isn’t synonymous with social media success; rather it is about knowing your audience and providing dual benefit to them and your organisation. This course is intended for experienced social media users looking to build upon the foundations of their social media strategy. We’ll be covering user-journeys, engagement funnels, content development and how to bring your voice to every step of the process.

At the end, you’ll have a solid grasp  of the ins and outs required to develop campaigns that will connect, resonate and deliver.

Duration: Half Day (3 hours)

Maximum Attendees: 5

$900 (excluding GST)

Facilitator: Matt

Advanced Analytics and Return On Investment

Don’t forget your calculator. This one’s geared towards the experienced practitioners who aren’t shy about tackling the meaningful stuff.

Don’t be too intimidated though, we’ll be walking you through the basics of both digital analytics and statistics as you learn the range of the advanced techniques and tools used by the Dialogue Consulting team when it comes to evaluating social media assets.

Come the tail end of this workshop, you’ll have the know-how required to tackle that big elusive question:

“Just how worthwhile is social media for our organisation?”

Duration: Full Day (5 hours)

Maximum Attendees: 15

Cost $1,400 (excluding GST)

Facilitator: Hugh

For the digital fledgling:

Developing Social Media Strategy

Intended for beginners, take the step beyond 101 social media knowledge and learn how to produce, and update the single best social media strategy framework you’ll come across.

We’ve been teaching strategy development for coming up on five years now, and have delivered workshops to hundreds of individuals and teams across Australia, and internationally.

It’s a recipe that we’ve refined with every workshop.

Care to try it?

Duration: Half Day (3 hours) [may be done abridged in 1hr session]

Maximum Attendees: 15

Cost $800 (excluding GST) [$300+GST for 1hr]

Facilitator: Matt

Dialogue De Jour:

Other offerings that have been delivered to delight.

Social Media Tools: A workshop

Social Media Audits, including campaign audits or risk audits

Social Media for Boards: the good, the bad and the ugly

How does your social media presence compare to others in your sector?

What are the risks you might encounter over the coming year and what are some of the opportunities?

Sit down with the Dialogue Consulting team for a half day audit of your social media presence and a discussion on strategy for the new year.

Our chefs love it when you chop and change our dishes. Want to build your own or add something on the side?

Don’t be shy about asking.