Dialogue Consulting has developed a range of resources, reports and whitepapers that you can download for free.

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Social Media Policy & Strategy 101

This popular whitepaper gives a background about the current state of social media, and a very basic overview about developing strategy and policy for social media, aimed at smaller organisations. If you’re looking for something more detailed, why not consider one of our Social Media Bootcamps?

How Social Networks Grow over Time

We developed this document to provide organisations with a point of reference as to how Social Networks develop over time. This document will assist you in analysing the growth of your social network, whilst providing practical advice for how growth may be steered in productive directions.

Digital Bible for Film, Television, Radio and All Creative Producers

Written specifically for film and television producers, this production bible lays out the principles for a strong and effective digital plan across all creative industries. Whether you are launching a web-only series, a new radio program, looking to crowd-fund a project, launch a publication, embark on a festival large or small, tour a production, put out a new album, or release a policy document to an online audience, this bible will help set you on the right path from the beginning. Compiled from six years of proven digital planning work for channels Seven, Nine, Ten, Foxtel and the ABC. (Note: this ‘bible’ is for purchase. See link above for details).

Developing Online Consultations

After runnning a session, we put together this brief whitepaper on developing online consultations. It contains an example ‘consultation flow’ and ‘landing page’ that you can use when developing your own online consultation strategy.

Social Media in New Zealand Governments

This research report was completed in 2012 and analysed the prevalence and use of social media by New Zealand governments and departments. It was launched in August 2012 at a symposium in Wellington, and shows a diverse range of properties currently in use, with a number of areas identified for further improvement.

Social Media in Australian Local Governments

This detailed report discusses the current opportunities and risks for Australian Local Governments using social media. While Australian local governments are still yet to fully embrace and engage with social media, it shows a promising future for government across Australia.