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Dialogue Consulting believes in the importance of working with organisations to develop effective and long-lasting social media activities. We provide initial and continued support through internal consultation, development and training. We believe in ongoing relationships and will work with you every step of the way through your community engagement strategy development and implementation processes.

Community engagement strategy development isn’t something that can be done through a simple template that is copy-and-paste from other organisations. Every organisation is unique and requires its own approach to the full development and implementation process.

Furthermore, social media engagement shouldn’t be seen as something produced in a vacuum – it needs to be paired with effective staff consultation during development, as well as education so that your staff or volunteers understand why the engagement is important and how they go about it.

Why us?

Dialogue Consulting has extensive experience developing social media strategies for Australian businesses, not-for-profits and other organisations. We have worked with clients from the university/education sector, service delivery sector, advocacy sector and FMCG sector to name a few. Our small but dedicated team has specialist knowledge and experience in both developing effective consultation strategy, but also the change management and training that go hand-in-hand with social media strategies. We have a range of other services as well, including the development of social media policies and training.

Should a client have a concern or issue, Dialogue Consulting provides 24 hour on-call support via an emergency phone number – 1300 852 662.

How much does it cost?

A question often asked is how much a social media consultation will cost. Unfortunately the answer isn’t simple – it depends highly on how you want to approach the development of the strategy (how deep or wide do you want to consult within the target audience?), and also the implementation (do you want to create a video? A training program?). Contact us now so that we can better understand your needs and provide you with a competitive proposal and quotation.


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