Dialogue Consulting recently conducted the first extensive study about the use of social media by Australian Local Governments this year. We looked at all 571 local governments across Australia, and found that overall there was few governments using social media, and very little engagement for those who did. You can download the full report below.

What does this mean? 

Social media is gradually being picked up by Australian Local Governments. Many Local Governments are using social media as a communications tool for the betterment of their communities.

Though there are a large number that have started to move with the social revolution and so are using social media effectively, there is an even larger number that either aren’t using the platforms properly or have neglected Social Media altogether.

What needs to happen? 

Local Governments should to recognise that communication channels are changing. Social media’s incredible growth has completely shifted the standard ways people engage with one another. Despite this rapid change, social media is nothing to be afraid of. The benefits of a engaging in the social media space far outweigh the risks, and the potential for social media to revolutionise the way Local Governments engage with their communities are bound only by the resources made available to adequately explore and engage with this transformative space.

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