Social media requires organisations to have content that is fresh, engaging and unique. It is always a challenge to develop an approach to content that ensures that you are providing consumers with a a consistent voice, even if there are multiple people posting to the social media account.

Additionally, any content that is generated should be created in a fashion that allows it to be shared both through multiple official social media channels (e.g. your organisation’s Facebook Page and Twitter account), as well as having the potential to be shared or distributed through other channels, including Reddit, Digg or Pinterest.

A content strategy (which may include a content calendar) assists you in identifying:

  • What your ‘brand voice’ is and how you communicate it through content
  • What content you are going to share in order to engage with your target audience
  • How you are going to find or develop content
  • What content is considered inappropriate or ‘out of bounds’

Beyond the strategy above, Dialogue Consulting also provides content development services. Through our trusted partner organisations, we can develop a range of content; including photos, graphics, animations and videos; if you don’t have the capacity in-house to do so. Our approach is always to develop content that is both engaging, cross-platform and cost effective.

Finally, content distribution can be a great way to increase the reach of your campaign or presence. This may occur through a range of avenues, including:

  • Keyword optimisation: research into what keywords will result in the most traffic to the video/page/graphic
  • Web distribution: ‘seeding’ the content on different platforms (e.g. Pinterest) to try to increase the shares and views of the content
  • Blogger / Online Influencer outreach: a fantastic way to distribute content and build brand awareness is through an outreach campaign. Dialogue Consulting can provide both an analysis and recommendations of key online influencers within your industry and implement the outreach project, ensuring that your content is featured in blogs, Twitter accounts and more.

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