Social Media Isn’t Just for External Stakeholders

When most people think of Social Media, they think of external sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

But you can use social media internally too – a report by the McKinsey Global Institute found that using internal collaboration networks (also known as ‘Enterprise Social Networks’ or ESNs) to improve productivity can result in savings of $900 million to $1.3 trillion annually. Much of this value is improving the collaboration within the organisation, and is particularly relevant for organisations with multiple office locations or staff spread across a large geographic area.

There are a wealth of ESNs now out there – you may have heard of Yammer, but there are also other options available, including:

Along with using the social functions of tools you may already have internally such as Microsoft SharePoint.

You need an internal social media strategy

In order to maximise the benefit, you should create an internal social media strategy to identify where, when and how you can best support staff to collaborate internally. Don’t just start by choosing a tool and ‘see where it goes’ – often this leads to the wrong tool being used for the wrong purposes.

Like all social media strategies, your internal social media strategy should be created with extensive consultation internally and a clear rollout plan. Which business units will find the most benefit? Who is most likely to make an ESN part of their daily workflow? These questions should guide both the tool you select, but also how you promote and develop it as a key part of how you do business.

Dialogue Consulting would be pleased to assist you in developing an internal social media strategy, along with supporting you in selecting a cost-effective and appropriate tool and implementing it across your organisation (large or small). Get in touch below and we can discuss how your business can become more social.

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