Why analyse?

Social media can be a difficult area to effectively evaluate. Measuring conversions may be easy if you are running an eCommerce website, but how do you measure success in increasing brand recognition or reputation? And how do you know that your Facebook Page is really growing, beyond the number of ‘Likes’ (which can be quite misleading…)?

The analysis of your presence(s) is a key component of any kind of social media campaign or strategy.

We have experience developing the evaluation strategy for campaigns, ongoing presences or whole organisations – both large and small. We can work out whether your activities are really cost-effective, and help you calculate the ROI of your social media activities.

We conduct our analyses for a third-party perspective of your activity, giving you fresh eyes and ideas for the future.

You can see a small example of the kind of reports we can produce on our blog post ‘#youngminds Twitter Report‘, which provided a brief analysis of the Twitter activity around a conference.

Brand Audits

We also perform Brand Audits, providing a report on how and where your brand is currently being discussed online. We can provide information about the ‘key online influencers’ in your field or topic area to assist you in reaching out to bloggers, tweeters or instagram users who can help you push out your message.

Brand Audits also give you an idea of any presences out there that represent a risk to your brand: whether it’s profiles that you’ve long forgotten about (checked your Bebo recently?) or user-driven profiles that misrepresent your brand (intentionally or unintentionally).

Your Brand Audit should be part of your first steps in developing or updating your social media strategy: you need to know where your organisation is currently represented in order to plan for the future. It can provide a blueprint for the prioritisation of future activities, and identify areas requiring immediate attention.

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