So, your company has in place a policy that instructs your employees on their contractual obligation to behave according to its rules when they are using social media.

But do they really understand it? Do you, as their employer, understand your responsibility to them to make sure they know exactly what is and isn’t expected of them when they communicate over the Internet? Are you aware of the many legal and HR ramifications of your professionals acting inappropriately online?

What is public versus private information? On which platforms is it appropriate to post about work? Can employers access employee information on social media? Can employees use social media in a private capacity while on company time? How do you deal with inappropriate content posted to social media connected with your company or brand?

These are just some of the questions we will answer when you undertake a Social Media Internal Risk Audit with Dialogue Consulting.

We offer this service at a low fixed cost (starting at $2,500) to help organisations better manage their social media risks.

Cyber bullying in the workplace and employment termination court cases have arisen directly from the boom in social media communication in the last few years, and social networks are now a part of every day life in almost all office workplaces. We want to show you how to avoid these risks and how to use social media both as an external and internal communications tool in your organization with maximum returns and minimum difficulty and zero legal headaches.

If you don’t have a social media policy, you are probably thinking that you need one. Don’t worry, we can provide that for you too.

Our audit and resulting report to you will cover areas including:

  • Identifying commonly used social media platforms among your staff and for what purposes
  • Which platforms are used for public, versus professional use
  • How many staff members are connecting with each other on social media
  • How to deal with inappropriate content when it is posted online by staff or employers
  • How to escalate or diffuse HR issues arising from social media use
  • How thoroughly staff understand your current social media policy and how an education plan can be formulated

Enquire now for more details about our methodology and what benefits you can expect to receive from the audit and a no-obligation quote.

Come and work with us.