Dialogue Consulting often runs free webinars to keep our followers up-to-date with the latest advances in social media, provide information on some of our processes and methods and more.

Each webinar runs for 45 minutes with up to 15 minutes question time at the end and is conducted over a lunch period.

Our webinars are either tutorials or case studies. For more details on each, read below.


Join the Dialogue team for a brief tutorial on how you can improve you social media activity. These webinars offer a quick look at a side of social media you may not have necessarily thought about, and how you can work on improving in that area. Depending on the topic, we might have guest facilitators also attending.

Case Studies

Over the course of 45 minutes, we conduct an open analysis of an organisation’s Social Media presence that we find particularly interesting, some may be big, and some may be small but all will be worth learning from. Joining us (where possible) will be a representative from the organisation from the organisation itself, with plenty of time for questions, queries and comments to maximise your learning.

If you would like your presence featured, give Matt a buzz on 1300 846 786 or shoot him an email at [email protected]

Upcoming webinars

Case Study: WSPA Australia

WSPA Australia is one of Australia’s largest not-for-profit Facebook Pages. The page boasts over 60,000 fans and giant engagement ratings, but what were the steps involved in building and maintaining this huge and powerful community? WSPA’s Rafi Cooper joins Matt from Dialogue Consulting for a 45-minute discussion on Facebook Page creation, content, community management and much more. Bring your questions!

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Past webinars

Where possible, we’ll provide a link to the recordings from our past webinars listed below.

Consulting Young People Online 

Friday April 5, 1130-1230 (Melbourne time)

We often use online platforms (like SurveyMonkey) to find out the opinions and thoughts of young people, but how can we add social media to the mix? What is the ‘best practice’ way to engage with and consult young people online?

This free webinar will walk you through a structured approach to performing an online consultation targeting young people — whether you have a budget of $0 or $10,000.

View the slides and recording here.